Your HVAC System & Improving the Air Quality of Your Home

Air quality is a hot topic for governments, industries and individuals alike; with carbon taxes being added to our cost of living in order to help tackle the problem, as well as people making different lifestyle choices to do the same.

But what about the air quality in your home? This is something most homeowners don’t consider – until, perhaps, allergies start to trigger a response. Which is why we want to discuss ‘Your HVAC System & Improving the Air Quality of Your Home’.

Air Pollution – Not Just an Outdoor Issue

We spend a lot of our time indoors, especially within the confines of our own home, so ensuring the air quality in your home is not taking away from the health of anyone living there is important.

Indoor air has pollutants such as: formaldehyde, dust, pet dander, fire-retardants, mold, and chemicals that may be coming through your HVAC system. These all play a part in the air quality of your home and are things to be aware of – especially if you have children or elderly family in your home, as prolonged exposure can be harmful and lead to allergies, respiratory illnesses and more.

Ways To Minimize Indoor Air Pollutants and Allergens

There are ways to minimize indoor air pollutants and allergens, which include:

Keeping Your Floors Cleanin order to prevent a build-up of chemicals and dust.

Use a HEPA Filterto reduce toxins, pollen, dust mites and other such things that are released into the air when vacuuming.

Have Your Ducts Cleanedas your HVAC system can become internally dusty and contain pollutant particles.

Have Your Humidity Levels Checked because mold is a big concern when it comes to your health also, and having a high level of humidity in your home can become a growing concern – literally.

If you have an air conditioner installed in your home, allow us to come take a look at it to ensure it is functioning as it should and isn’t blowing air that could be causing your family harm.

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