Understanding the Energy Savings of a Tankless Water Heater

In a world where the cost of living is endlessly going up, it is nice to find ways to cut down on your household maintenance costs – which is where ‘Understanding the Energy Savings of a Tankless Water Heater’ comes into play!

Whether you have an older home with an outdated water heating system, are looking at building a new home and want the more energy efficient appliances within it, or simply are looking to replace your water heater to save on energy costs overall – Boilers and Beyond is here to help.

Tankless Water Heaters – What Are The Benefits?

There is a list of benefits to having a tankless water heater, which include:

  • Energy Savings Resulting in Cost Savings
  • Hot Water Available When You Need It
  • A Long Shelf Life
  • Saves on Space

Although there is an initial installation and product cost to begin with, the savings on your utility bill month after month and year after year, can and will truly add up.

In addition, having hot water being produced only when you need it is both energy efficient, as well – it’s gentle on the earth.

The shelf life is also a great benefit, where normal water heaters can last around 10 years, a tankless water heater doubles in that lifecycle – offering a whopping 20 years of shelf life with normal use.

Then of course there’s the space saving benefit, because simply put – homes aren’t as spacious as they once were, and large basements housing large water and heating systems are becoming a thing of the past. So having a more compact water heating appliance just makes sense.

At Boilers and Beyond we are proud to offer tankless water heater installations and repairs in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and the surrounding communities. So if you are looking to benefit from this energy and space saving measure in your home – we’re here to help!

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