Understanding the Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator

The air we breathe is essential to our overall health, which is why understanding the benefits of a heat recovery ventilator is so important.

Regardless of if you live in a newly constructed home or an older space, age does not always matter when it comes to the quality of the air in your home, as either one could pose a risk for respiratory concerns.

New Airtight Homes = Less Air Movement

Having an airtight home can help to keep warm and cool air consistent in the winter and summer months, but it also means there is a lack of natural airflow through your home to help keep the air circulating and thus “fresh”.

No matter if you are washing clothes, having a shower, doing dishes or simply breathing, all these things add to the humidity factor within your home at a whopping level of 3-4 gallons per day. That being said, it is clearly important to have air moving in your home to ensure this moisture doesn’t become a stagnant issue, causing mildew, mold, and/or dust mites – leading to a very poor living environment lending itself to respiratory issues.

Older Homes = Poor Use of Energy

Old drafty homes might create the desirable airflow, but they also cost a lot to heat – which also isn’t a productive method to keeping your home’s air ideal.

How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Works in Both New & Old Homes

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer Heat Recovery Ventilator installations in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland. Having a Heat Recovery Ventilator installed is considered to be part of optimal heating and ventilation conditions for a home, working by expelling stale air from the home to the outside environment, and then drawing in fresh air from outside into the home – thereby improving indoor air quality.

However, not to fear that this will make your home chilly in the colder months, as warmth from the stale air is transferred to the fresh incoming air via an aluminum core within the HRV without ever mixing, and then in summer – heat from the fresh incoming air is transferred to the outgoing stale air, keeping your home cool. A win-win no matter what season it is!

Whether you have a new home that is air tight and lacks the proper flow of breathable air, or you have an older home that could be improved with an energy efficient heating system and heat recovery ventilator – call us at 604-376-0919 to see how we can help you with your HRV installation today!