Top Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer Heat Recovery Ventilator repairs and installations in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver area. As such, we wanted to share the ‘Top Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation’ so homeowners could better understand how this ventilation system might help their household in a variety of ways. Because although the use of a Heat Recovery Ventilator is considered to be part of optimal heating and ventilation conditions for the home, it is not a widely known fact – so we’re here to change that!

Heat Recovery Ventilator Explained

A Heat Recovery Ventilator works by expelling stale air from the home to the outside environment, and in exchange – draws in fresh air from outside into the home. This immediately improves indoor air quality, while refreshing stale winter air with air via an aluminum core within the HRV without ever mixing.

Alternately, in summer the season, heat from the fresh incoming air is transferred to the outgoing stale air, keeping your home cool, clean, and energy effective.

Fresh Air Facts

Filtered air via the Heat Recovery Ventilator can help reduce allergens and illnesses by a whopping 50%, offering a more sustainable and healthy environment to spend your time at home within.

The Importance of Condensation Removal

Moist air can lead to mould growth and a continual damp feeling in your home, which is where the Heat Recovery Ventilator comes in, as it aids in removing water vapor from the indoor/outdoor air transfer, keeping your household the right kind of dry continuously.

Energy Efficiency Via a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Homeowners are continually looking for ways to improve upon their energy efficiency to save on household costs. Which is something a Heat Recovery Ventilator can aid in as it recycles heat normally lost in other standard extraction systems. And because it operates and a low and continuous rate, it minimizes electricity usage while maximizing quality air – truly a win win!

If you have been looking for ways to improve upon your home’s air quality, as well as increase energy efficiency and lower household costs, call us at 604-376-0919 to see how Boilers and Beyond can help you with your HRV installation in Langley, Surrey and Maple Ridge. We look forward to serving you!