The Importance of Air Conditioner Repairs

Having an uncomfortably warm home during the summer can create unnecessary fatigue and frustration, so keeping your air conditioner in good repair is important to guard against an unexpected disruption to your summer plans.

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer air conditioning repair and installation in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and all over the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver, and wanted to let you in on some maintenance “musts” that will ensure your air conditioner keeps humming along nicely all season long.

Keep it Clean

Having your filters cleaned or replaced at least once a year will help to ensure the airflow is running optimally, saving on energy costs and maximizing your air conditioners capabilities.

As well, the condenser coils within your air conditioner should be looked over and cleaned as necessary, as these outdoor units often become dirty with yard debris, dust and leaves over the year – especially if it is not covered.

Keep it Cool

Your coolant lines play a pivotal role in ensuring the air being blown is the right level of cool, so coolant lines should be checked, and replacements made to any cracked or frayed hoses causing energy losses and impeding the cool airflow.

Although these are pretty basic maintenance tips, sometimes it’s the simplest things that can cause the most concerns to your HVAC systems if left unchecked.

Whether you have an air conditioner that could use a checkup, or you are looking to have one installed, our technicians can assist you with repairs and maintenance of your A/C unit as well as replace an existing inefficient air conditioner.

As summer still tries to make its way to the Lower Mainland, this is a great time to get your A/C system checked, installed or replaced.

At Boilers and Beyond, we don’t just come in and do the work, we help educate our customers on how to replace filters and clean the condenser – getting your AC unit into tiptop shape to help keep your household a happy one!

So give us a call and allow us to help …you can reach us at: 604-376-0919 or email: or use our contact form by clicking here

We look forward to it!