Spring is a Great Time to Install and Maintain Your BBQ Boxes!

At Boilers & Beyond, we offer Gas Works services, installation, replacement or maintenance of your BBQ Boxes. Because, let’s face it, a “real BBQ” requires it’s own dedicated gas line in order to make grilling season a seamless event at the hands of any level grill-master at the helm of the flame!

So if you have been considering having a gas hard line put into your BBQ framework in and around the Fraser Valley, spring is an excellent time in which to do that – and we can help!

Keeping Your BBQ at It’s Best

Regardless of what type of BBQ you have and whether or not you have a dedicated gas line for it, maintenance is the secret to a successful BBQ season and keeping your grill in optimal condition without costly replacement costs due to oversights and lingering food particles.

So in addition to our Gas Works Services and Installation of BBQ Boxes in the Lower Mainland, we also want to assist with these tips in keeping your BBQ in fine form all (and every) season long!

Wipe It Down

After each use, your BBQ lid and box should be wiped down with paper towel or a (disposable) microfiber towel, using a cleaner that is safe for your BBQ. This will ensure there isn’t a buildup effect happening with each grilling, causing your BBQ to become increasingly difficult to clean, aging it, and even causing you to want to simply replace it due to the grime buildup that has grown impossible to remove.

Scour Your BBQ Box

The inside of your BBQ might seem like the daunting portion of your grill to clean, but it can be done quickly and efficiently – so long as you do it each time after grilling. Maintaining this part of your BBQ will result in how effective future BBQ’s are, and help to prevent food and meat from sticking to your grill and becoming ruined.

So ensure that, once your grill has cooled sufficiently, you remove your cooking grate and brush all grease and food particles with a stainless steel grill brush. As well, remove everything from the bottom tray …and you’re good to go!

Another quick and easy way to clean your grill, if you’re pressed for time or simply want to enjoy the company you invited over for a BBQ, is to turn all your burners on high for 15 minutes, which will reduce everything inside your BBQ to ash, and will then be easy to brush off at a later time.

At Boiler Repairs & Installation we are here to help ensure your BBQ season is set up to grill like an expert. We service Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge and throughout the Greater Vancouver area, and look forward to helping you with your Gas Works Service and Installation, Replacement or Maintenance of your BBQ Box!