Why Spring Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit is Important

When spring rolls around, people begin to take stock of their home maintenance concerns, from cleaning out the garage to duct cleaning, tossing unwanted household items to replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems – which is where we come in!

Let’s face it, when you are used to the comfort of an air conditioner during a warm summer, it can become uncomfortable when your unit begins to work inefficiently or breaks down entirely. So our intention is to ensure that doesn’t happen, and explain to our reading audience ‘Why Spring Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit is Important’.

Spring Cleaning Your A/C Unit

After your air conditioner has been sitting idle for multiple seasons, it is important to clean out the evaporator, coils and drains, check on the coolant levels, and replace the air filter in order to ensure optimal airflow is occurring. Replacing a dirty filter can mean the difference of 5-15% savings in energy consumption – which amounts to a lot of savings over the summer months.

In addition, having someone come in to expect your coolant levels is helpful in uncovering if you have a leak in your system. Leaking coolant can be toxic and can lead to compression failure if not addressed, so maintaining your system could save you a lot of time and money down the road if not addressed.

Air Conditioner Installation Options

If you have been considering having an air conditioner installed, there are two options we can provide for you.

  1. Use the existing ductwork in your home to move cool air throughout your house
  2. Opt for a ductless mini split air conditioner

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation in Langley, Surrey and Maple Ridge, as well as throughout the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver, and can provide you with technicians who are able to assist you with installation, repairs and maintenance of your A/C unit, or the replacement of an existing air conditioner as needed.

Having a safe, cool and comfortable home this summer is something you will want to think about during the spring – and we are just a phone call away: 604-376-0919 …we look forward to serving you!