Spring Clean Your HVAC System for Summer Ready Condition!

At Boilers and Beyond, we understand the importance of a well-maintained HVAC system. When the hot weather strikes, it is nice to come home to a reprieve of cool air – especially if there are children or the elderly in the home who could easily become fatigued by overly warm temperatures.

Having your heating and cooling systems looked at during the spring can better ensure that it is well maintained and optimally operational, and that there will be no interruptions to the preferred temperature in your home.

The Spring Cleaning Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Hiring a HVAC Professional in the Lower Mainland for a quick maintenance check, can take the risk out of running an air conditioner that may have encountered some issues over the winter, which, left unchecked – could cost you a lot more to replace or repair than regular maintenance.

Here are the areas that will be checked by an Air Conditioner Repair Specialist…

Outdoor Unit Panels …these are designed to keep the electrical connections away from the elements, and to protect anyone in proximity to it. Having a missing panel can cause damage to the machine, as well as pose potential harm to kids, animals, or anyone who might come in contact with it.

Condenser Cover Check …removing the condenser covers is imperative to having your system back up and running properly. These covers protect and insulate the inner coil, but running it with the covers in place can quickly overheat your system and destroy it.

Damaged Pipe Insulation …this suction line helps to supply cooling agents to the unit, and if this pipe is damaged, it could damage your unit entirely. So having it checked for cracks, rot or other concerns, will keep your air conditioning unit in proper running order.

Additional air conditioning maintenance includes: changing the air filter, checking the coil drainage hose, cleaning the supply vents and return grills …all of which Boilers and Beyond is well-equipped to address in an affordable and timely manner.

We’re here to help, so please call us if we can do so!