Servicing Your Boiler for Fall

Services your boiler for fall is a great way to prevent unexpected repair or replacement costs at an inconvenient time down the road. As with any heating appliance, your boiler needs to be serviced in order to ensure it is running in the most efficient and effective manner within your household, and should be looked at by a qualified technician annually to prolong its lifespan.

Boilers Repairs – What to Expect

A knowledgeable technician will take around an hour to inspect and/or repair your boiler. Granted, depending on the specific issues there will be a “give or take” to that timeline, but a general maintenance call should be efficient and cost you very little in time within your day.

Boiler Maintenance – What Is Involved?

Having a professional come in to service your boiler will involve the removal of soot and re-establishing the condition of the combustion ratio, as well as ensuring the cost to run your boiler is at maximum efficiency.

Inspecting safety controls such as gas leaks, along with analyzing the start-up performance and listening in for strange noises indicting component failures, are also all part of a routine boiler maintenance service call and can truly help prevent issues, both safety-wise as well as cost-wise.

Is It Important to Service My Boiler?

Inspecting your boiler every year will ensure the safety of your appliance, maintain any warranties your boiler may have, and detect any malfunctions that the manufacturer may need to replace before time runs out. Failing to maintain your boiler on a regular basis may mean incurring expensive boiler repairs down the road, or require a boiler replacement no longer covered under warranty later.

Personal safety is also a very important reason to have your boiler serviced, as carbon monoxide exposure can pose a threat in your home, and is a health and safety concern no one should risk.

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