Prevent Heating Up Your Home this August with a Gas Line Installation!

Although a lot of people are feeling the time-crunch with the fading days of summer – we’re here to deliver the good news that there’s STILL a lot of summer left! 

Along with that also comes a lot of warm weather and homes to match – which is why Boilers and Beyond would like to help you ‘Prevent Heating Up Your Home this August with a Gas Line Installation’.

Keep Cool – With a Gas Line Installation

Gas is an excellent way to provide energy to your home for cooking – both inside and outside of your house. It’s a heat source that is immediate, and once turned off – it also immediately goes away. Unlike traditional elements that need a cooling off period, continuing to heat up your home until which time the heat source fully dissipates.

Having the opportunity to cook outside of your home is also an ideal measure in keeping your space cool. Whether installing a direct gas line for your outdoor BBQ grilling station, or choosing to install an outdoor kitchen; this clean cooking method adds value to your home while removing unwanted heat from it during the already hot summer months.

Save Cash – With a Gas Line Installation

Did you know that gas is three-to-four times cheaper than running your appliances on electricity? With homeowners always interested in ways in which they can save on their household costs, you should know – a gas line installation is one such way!

Be Earth Friendly – With a Gas Line Installation

There is much debate surrounding “clean energy” and what form is best for minimizing our carbon footprint. But natural gas is known as a clean energy source, using less gas to do the same measure of “work” as electricity – lowering your household costs while minimizing the impact on the earth too.

Curious to know if a gas line installation is right for your home? Boilers and Beyond would love to help you better understand if it is, offering gas line installation in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Give us a call at (604) 376-0919 for your Gas Fireplace, BBQ box or gas line service, repair or installation, and be sure to check out the current FortisBC rebates to see if there are any current savings available to you!

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