How To Prepare Your Home’s Heating Systems for Fall

Whether you are considering replacing your ancient water heater, or you have been putting off furnace repairs, maintaining or replacing your heating systems for fall is a wise decision within your home maintenance schedule. Not only can this guard against unexpected repairs at an inconvenient time, it can also help lower your home’s maintenance costs overall.

Home Heating Improvements and Safety Measures to Take for Fall

Making improvements to your home’s heating system is a truly beneficial idea to consider and include areas such as…

Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Changing the filter on your furnace following the winter and spring seasons will help it run more cleanly and clearly, and furnace filers are both an affordable and effective way to maintain your filer and keep it in good repair for years to come.

Purchase a CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detector

This tip is crucial to the safety of you and your family, and is also an affordable way to help those in your home stay safe, healthy and create peace of mind.

Because carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and completely invisible it is extremely dangerous, which why a detector is necessary to discover if your home is ever at risk.

Existing Carbon monoxide should be check for expiration date because of the sensor. Recommend new and reliable CO detectors plug into a power outlet with battery backup, so there is no need for an electrician.

If the detector is too old it may not work or react, and without an alarm to detect even low CO PPM levels – it can be fatal.

Bring in a Heating Specialist

At Boilers & Beyond we pride ourselves in being specialists in our field, and enjoy helping homeowners within the Lower Mainland keep their home in good repair. Some of our heating maintenance and repair services include…

Lubricating all moving parts to keep your furnace running smoothly and with as little effort as possible.

Ensuring electric connections are working right and are on tight to safeguard against fire or damage risks.

Cleaning the burners within your furnace to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Checking all gas lines for cracks or concerns – both as a safety measure, as well as a cost-saving measure.

…and more, depending on your needs or concerns.

We know that regular maintenance is a great way to help prevent major repairs down the road, and to extend the life of your heating units for years to come. We can service all makes and models of furnaces and water heaters, and if you are in the market to replace your unit with a new energy efficient one – we can also help you better understand the FortisBC Rebates available.

In fact, from September 15th until the end of October there is a TLC Maintenance rebate from FortisBC, offering up to $50 for servicing and inspection of your gas appliances.

So call us at 604-376-0919 to see how we can help you with your Furnace or Water Heater Repair and Installation in Langley, Surrey and Maple Ridge. We look forward to it!