The Luxury Appeal of In-Floor Radiant Heating

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer Radiant Heating installation in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, throughout the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver. Many homeowners choose in-floor radiant heating to add a certain luxury appeal to their homes – whether within their bathroom, kitchen, or throughout their living area, it is simply a warm addition to any space!

The Comfort of Radiant Heating

Although one might think in-floor heating is simply a means to keep the floor at an even temperature, radiant heating actually helps to keep the overall interior space a favourable temperature.

Because radiant heat offers a consistent flow of warmth atop your flooring, it keeps the heat loss in that space to a minimum. With that being said, warm feet provide an overall feeling of general warmth without the need for stuffy warm air on your face – which often makes people feel stifled and even over-heated.

The consistent flow of radiant heating puts heat in places that are most appropriate, keeping your overall room temperature down, while still maintaining your overall warmth and comfort.

The Quiet, Clean Elegance of Radiant Heating

One of the other main benefits of radiant heating is the fact that it’s silent. In-floor heating delivers heat without any sound. In addition, it is a clean form of heat as most forced air heating systems have a tendency to promote dust and germs in a home. Whereas radiant floor heating keeps the room air circulating, minimizing allergens without forgoing warmth.

Radian Heating is Durable and Energy Efficient

Radiant in-floor heating is essentially indestructible, making it also ideal for heating the floors within your garage, basement/rec-room, or offer industrial heating options for large business structure.

It is known to use less energy overall when heating your home or business by a vast margin; anywhere from 10-50% depending on the type of structure and other heating systems used.

Overall, radiant heating allows for evenly distributed heat, ensuring there are no cold spots on your floor, minimizing allergens and is incredibly efficient …creating luxury appeal for any home!

So give us a call at 604-376-0919 to see how we can help you with your Radiant Heating Installation in Langley, Surrey or Maple Ridge this fall, keeping your toes toasty warm without depleting your wallet!