Gas Line Installation – the Safety and Serenity of a Fire Pit & BBQ

At Boilers and Beyond, we offer gas line installations in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver. As a fully certified and trained company able to work with gas lines, we can provide you with a safe way to add a new element to your backyard. Whether utilizing a gas line for a gas fire pit, a BBQ or both, it is an excellent way to add safety and serenity to your backyard!

The Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space

A gas BBQ and a gas fire pit easily deliver ambiance to any outdoor living space, bringing you both cooking options, as well as the warm glow of a fireplace any day of the year.

Because summer can get especially hot indoors, it further warms up your home cooking inside, which can have everyone in the home feeling uncomfortable and/or increase your air conditioning energy cost. So instead, why not consider utilizing your yard or patio, fully equipped with all the things one would need to enjoy good weather, great grilled food, and the opportunity to entertain family and friends.

Outdoor cooking areas are also a great way to keep all the mess in one spot, ensuring there isn’t a steady flow of traffic inside your home, keeping it clean without having to forego entertaining.

Plus, with an endless supply from your gas line installation to your BBQ or fire pit, it allows for a hassle-free cooking location all without any fire ban limitations.

As well, let’s not forget the visual appeal, after all – who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful fire on a starry summer’s eve; it simply makes for an esthetically pleasing environment that is conveniently located right outside your home for hours of easy entertainment!

If you have been considering a gas line installation, give us a call at 604-376-0919 to see how we can help you, or click here for more information.

We look forward to serving all your gas line installation needs in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver!