Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Furnace repair in Langley and the surrounding communities, is not likely something that is top-of-mind when spring arrives, but it is actually a great time for furnace maintenance.

So how does one go about maintaining their furnace, and what should be included in a “furnace repair checklist”? Allow us to help…

Choose the Right Time for Your Furnace Maintenance

Prevention is the best cost-saving measure to guard against costly repairs, so having a furnace repair specialist come in to give your furnace an annual check-up is a cost-effective way to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Choose the Right Company for Your Furnace Maintenance

Summer is a busy time for HVAC repairs in the Lower Mainland, so getting a jump start on securing a reputable furnace repair company in Langley, will ensure you hire the best in the business, and not just someone who isn’t busy during normally busy months.

Ensure Your Furnace Maintenance Checklist Includes

At Boilers and Beyond, we understand the list of measures it takes for proper furnace maintenance. This list includes:

Checking Thermostat Setting – for effectiveness in output while running, and energy efficiency while dormant.

Measuring Voltage and Currents – to ensure the safety of your machinery, which also includes tightening all electrical connections.

Lubricating Moving Parts – to keep equipment running smoothly without added effort, consuming more energy and causing the machinery undo hardship.

Inspecting Condensate Drain – a plugged drain can lead to disasters including water damage to your home and humidity leading to mold.

Checking Controls – for on and off effectiveness, and smooth operations during use.

Inspecting Oil/Gas Connections – including gas pressure, the combustion of your burner, and ensuring the proper exchange of heat. Poor oil or gas consumption can lead to a fire concern, and also cause air quality issues.

There are measures you can take yourself as well, such as changing your air filters monthly. This is something Boilers and Beyond would be happy to show you how to do to help you maintain your furnace, air conditioner and heat pump the rest of the year.

If you have found your furnace is no longer effective or runs high on operating costs during winter months, we offer furnace replacement in Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland also.

Give us a call, and allow us to help you beat the rush for furnace maintenance repairmen in Langley, and ensure your heater is humming smoothly for spring!