Do You Know What Goes Great with May Flowers? A Gas BBQ!

Those April showers definitely brought the May flowers, and they are in full bloom all across the Lower Mainland. And do you know what else is in full bloom? BBQ season …which Boilers and Beyond would love to help you manage by offering you your own personal gas line installations in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge or anywhere throughout the Lower Mainland!

Gas Line Installation Benefits for Your BBQ Season

A gas line can offer you many benefits for your home, some of which include…

  • Gas for your BBQ or fire pit as you need it when you need it
  • Consumption you can track
  • Clean way to cook during the summer months
  • Prevents heating up your home
  • Adds value to your home

Gas Line Installation – a Budget-Friendly Way to Cook

With the rising prices of gas, it seems odd to say it is more budget-friendly to cook with gas over electricity. But, historically, gas is actually 3-4 times cheaper to utilize in your home over electricity, and even with the rise in prices, this is still a more cost-effective option that will keep your home humming along at a more economical price.

Gas Line Installation – Offers Clean Energy

Natural gas is often praised as a clean energy resource, and although it still involves fossil fuels to generate gas, it uses less gas over electricity to do the same amount of “work”. Thus, comparatively, gas is a cleaner energy to use for – not only operating your BBQ, but also a great alternative for your home.

Boilers and Beyond offers service and installation of Gas Fireplace and BBQ box and gas lines in Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge and all over Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver. We are fully certified and trained to work with gas lines, and these types of repairs and installations are not a job for amateurs.

Whether you want to add a gas fireplace insert or need to service your existing fireplace we can help! Call (604) 376-0919 for your Gas Fireplace, BBQ box and gas line service, repair or installation, and be sure to check out the current FortisBC rebates on now!

Curious is a gas line installation in the Lower Mainland is right for you? Click here for more information.