3 Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Radiant Floor Heating System

Radiant floor heating is an excellent way to keep your home warm, in addition to your floors, wall panels and your ceiling. It’s a quick and efficient way to heat up your home, and for those who suffer from allergies – it is an effective heating system that causes little to no additional concerns in that area.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

There are 3 different types of radiant floor heating system, which include: radiant air floors, hot water radiant floors, and electric radiant floors. Regardless of the type of radiant floor heating system you use, regular maintenance will ensure that it is an energy efficient heating source season after season.

Radian Floor Heating and Concerns with Leak

Radiant floor heating is known to be a closed system, and often can go for many years without requiring any maintenance or repairs. However, on occasion a leak can occur due to copper pipe failure, and this is easy to repair. Alternately, if your pipes are comprised of steel, a leak will require these pipes to be replaced, as a steel pipe that is corroded can only be fixed by replacing it. Either way – we have the solution!

A “Clicking” Radian Floor Heater

Clicking pumps are not always an indicator of a problem in your radiant heater. Older systems simply were not built in the same manner as more modern ones. However, if the noise is excessive, you will likely want someone to come and take a look. Overly noisy radiant floor heating systems could be an indication of a defective pressure relief valve, or an issue within the reducing valve. Or, the tank could have developed rust over time. Any of these concerns can be addressed and repaired.

At Boilers & Beyond, we are confident in our servicing abilities, and can help you ensure your radiant floor heating is in optimal working condition and not at risk for damage.

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